GOOD FOOD starter cultures quality is confirmed by “Good Sign” (STB).

We are pleased to inform that GOOD FOOD bacterial starter cultures are marked with "Good Sign" (STB) products quality control.Dobry_znak_300x410_ukc

"Good Sign" is an additional guarantee of GOOD FOOD starter cultures high European quality for consumers, confirmed after careful inspection in the leading European laboratories.

"Good Sign" program at STB TV channel is a unique social project in Ukraine whose mission is to assess quality and safety of a product and integrity of the product's manufacturer. Companies and their products undergo a very thorough independent inspection. The inspection's results cannot be influenced. To ensure the independence of the results, all tests are carried out in European laboratories. Only the best companies and products can pass the tests successfully.

The first stage of testing covers all aspects of manufacturing that affect quality: from the raw material, from which the product is made, to competence of personnel.

The second stage is a product safety control, which includes tests for all potentially dangerous components.

The final stage is an integrity check, and its indicator is compliance of the labeling with the real product contents. Manufacturers that have successfully passed the test receive a special sign of their products quality and safety - "Good Sign." "Good Sign" guarantees high quality and safety of the product, and also confirms that the customers can buy and consume it safely.

pack_simbiotik на белом фоне

In the nearest future all «GOOD FOOD» products will be marked with a "Good Sign."

The sign is only applied on the proven product type and is given for 1 year. As long as it is on the product's packaging, the "Good Sign" auditors are responsible for its quality and safety, and that's why they regularly conduct their independent audits of the product.

Independent checks by European laboratories and getting the "Good Sign" became yet another significant evidence of the quality and safety of TM "GOOD FOOD" products.

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