For pregnant women and lactating mothers
A proper diet during pregnancy is a constant concern of future moms. Pregnant women need to know one important thing - their normal microflora now is the basis for the normal microflora of the child when it is born. Babies get their first bacteria from their mothers after all. What they get regulates their digestion, the ability absorb mother's milk, and all the useful things it contains. This is exactly why Symbiotic, Bifidocomplex, Curd, and Bio Kefir starter cultures contain the largest number of beneficial bacteria that provide the most proper digestion and absorption of nutrients, effectively normalize intestinal function of pregnant women and lactating mothers, reducing flatulence and intestinal habits disorder, which is essential to both mom and the baby.
  • Curd

    natural home-made curd
    • Helps muscles, bones and other tissues of the body grow and strengthen
    • It is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other microelements


    excellent digestion
    • It is an important part of dietary and baby food.
    • It normalizes digestion and improves intestinal motility.


    yoghurt for young children
    • Helps on proper growth and development of a baby
    • Improves appetite and digestion.
  • Symbiotic

    healthy intestine
    • Effectively restores intestinal microflora after dysbacteriosis
    • Restores microflora during and after taking antibiotics