First dairy complementary feeding
Introduction of fermented dairy complementary feeding is an important stage in the baby’s and mother’s life. Practices of diary complementary feeding introduction are not the same for every mom, but at the same time all moms understand that nutrition of a baby who switches from breast milk to complementary feeding directly affects the development of the baby. Thus, you need to only introduce the products that will not do any harm at the very least, but rather will help the healthy development of the baby. Dairy complementary feeding must not only be useful, but also balanced. It’s not so easy to choose products that meet the first and the most important requirement – usefulness – because you need to choose the most proper nutrition for your baby. Increasingly, moms make their choice in favor of the home-made dairy products, and they are right. Home-made dairy products, prepared using "Bifidocomplex" and "Symbiotic" bacterial starter cultures have several advantages over the store-bought dairy products. The most important thing in baby nutrition (baby feeding) is the guaranteed freshness of products, as well as the absence of food additives: preservatives, colors, flavors, stabilizers. "Bifidocomplex" and "Symbiotic" starter cultures contain the highest concentration of Bifidobacteria, which considerably facilitates baby’s adaptation to the new products, and reduces allergic reactions, including diathesis. Home-made curd prepared using GOOD FOOD "Curd" starter culture is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus needed for the child’s growth and development. Besides, kids love this product because it is so gentle, soft and creamy. As a result, everyone is pleased – the baby and happy caring parents.
  • Curd

    natural home-made curd
    • Helps muscles, bones and other tissues of the body grow and strengthen
    • It is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other microelements


    yoghurt for young children
    • Helps on proper growth and development of a baby
    • Improves appetite and digestion.


    healthy intestine
    • Effectively restores intestinal microflora after dysbacteriosis
    • Restores microflora during and after taking antibiotics