For the strong immunity
Intestinal microflora is considered to be the largest organ of the human immune system. It’s an open secret that 80% of immunity is in the human intestine, and thus in its microflora. Vitamins are produced in the intestine by bacteria, and not received from the outside, which means they are very easily absorbed in the body. The more types of bacteria, the more essential vitamins and microelements the body will get. Bacteria contained in Immunalis starter culture stimulate the immune system of the body naturally, i.e. there’s no risk of overstimulation. Production of natural interferon to protect against viruses helps keep the body in good shape and not to "relax", as it happens when using synthetic interferon or its stimulants.
  • Immunalis

    strong immunity
    • Boosts immunity
    • Enhances the natural defenses of the body during illness, medication, antibiotics treatment.


    the drink of long-livers
    • Helps cleanse the body.
    • Enhances the natural defense of the body.


    healthy intestine
    • Effectively restores intestinal microflora after dysbacteriosis
    • Restores microflora during and after taking antibiotics