Weight loss and fat burning
Yoghurt Fitness is the most delicious slimming product. Bacteria contained in Yoghurt Fitness not only have their effect on visible body fat, but also reduce the amount of dangerous and discreet fat on the internal organs. The unique bacteria contained in Yogurt Fitness starter culture contributes to proper natural muscle gain, and as is well known - the higher the percentage of muscle bulk is, the more calories the body uses, and the more effective weight loss is.
  • Bio-Kefir

    excellent digestion
    • It is an important part of dietary and baby food.
    • It normalizes digestion and improves intestinal motility.

    Fitness Yoghurt

    natural weight loss
    Fitness Yoghurt
    • Is beneficial to weight loss and weight normalization.
    • Reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat and fat on the internal organs