For everyday use
If you want to improve your digestive system functioning, you have to include dairy products in your daily diet. They improve digestion and help your body to fight against infections. GOOD FOOD starter cultures contain the largest number of beneficial bacteria that will ensure full and proper digestion of all the components of food. Bacteria contained in our yoghurts are resistant to gastric juices and enzymes, which means that most of them will get into the intestine, settle there, and will have a positive effect on digestion.
  • Yoghurt

    truly natural
    • Yoghurt is a perfect source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
    • Yoghurt helps to recuperate and refresh after the long day.

    Bio Fermented Baked Milk

    thick home-made baked milk
    Bio Fermented Baked Milk
    • It helps to restore Bifidobacteria balance in the body
    • It is a perfect source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.


    natural home-made curd
    • Helps muscles, bones and other tissues of the body grow and strengthen
    • It is an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other microelements
  • Bio-Kefir

    excellent digestion
    • It is an important part of dietary and baby food.
    • It normalizes digestion and improves intestinal motility.