During and after antibiotic treatment
Antibiotics are essential medications in modern medicine. But, unfortunately, while antibiotics suppress pathogenic bacteria, they also have a bad effect on the general condition of intestinal microflora, which leads to side effects development. GOOD FOOD starter cultures contain the largest number of types of bacteria, which means they help to restore the normal intestinal microflora better, more effectively, and the quickest possible. Consuming yoghurts, you get not only beneficial bacteria, but also nutrients available for easier absorption, which is especially important in case of microflora disorders.
  • Immunalis

    strong immunity
    • Boosts immunity
    • Enhances the natural defenses of the body during illness, medication, antibiotics treatment.


    healthy intestine
    • Effectively restores intestinal microflora after dysbacteriosis
    • Restores microflora during and after taking antibiotics