The clinical research

To confirm the high effectiveness of the “Symbiotic" GOOD FOOD bacterial starter in the treatment of the “dysbacteriosis", the Department of Internal Medicine № 1 of the O.O. Bogomolets Medical University conducted a clinical investigation.

The research has confirmed that bacterial culture for 2-4 weeks normalizes the intestinal microflora and relieves the symptoms of dysbacteriosis. The consequence of this is the normalization of the immune and digestive systems.

Besides, the study has confirmed that Symbiotic improves mood and overall tonus. This is since the microflora supplies the body with only 95% of serotonin, the hormone of joy. Serotonin provides a sense of clarity, lightness and increases the level of energy. The healthier the microflora is, the more active serotonin production is then and you have better well-being.

Research method: 100 people with symptoms of the dysbacteriosis were selected for participation in the investigation. They were offered to take a course of the “Symbiotic” starter, half a bag twice a day for a month.

To get accurate results, the investigation was conducted according to the standard for the medications, it was double, blind and placebo-controlled. It means that half of the patients took “Symbiotic” and the other half took “placebo” (fake). At the same time, the packets did not differ and the patients did not know what exactly they were taking. Such an approach made it possible to completely exclude any other factors, but for the therapeutic effect of bacteria.

The received data confirmed that the “Symbiotic” probiotic starter restores microflora effectively and significantly improves the intestinal function.

To investigate how the composition of the microflora has improved, a hydrogen breath test was conducted, it shows what type of bacteria are the most in the intestinal tract – beneficial or malignant. The more pathogenic bacteria there are, the higher the rate of this test is.

This is important to know because due to what kind of bacteria work more, beneficial or malignant, depends on the state of the intestinal tract and the overall health.

Activity chart of the intestinal microflora at the beginning and at the end of the investigation in the patients taking the “Symbiotic" and the patients taking placebo:

  • The indicators of those who were taking the “Symbiotic" have significantly decreased both in the measurement in the fasting and fed conditions. This suggests that the beneficial bacteria have replaced the malignant ones, and now the intestinal tract digests much better and assimilates food, while the harmful substances are formed much less.
  • There has been a little change in the data of the patients who were taking placebo in the fasting conditions, and the indicators have even increased slightly after the meal. It means that the situation with microflora has not improved in this group of patients.

It proves that GOOD FOOD “Symbiotic” starter’s bacteria:

  • can pass through the whole digestive system,
  • reach the intestinal tract,
  • take root in the intestinal tract,
  • fully perform all their functions,
  • improve the overall condition,
  • significantly reduce such symptoms of microflora disturbance as stomach ache, distention, and discomfort,
  • can be used to prevent and treat the dysbacteriosis of different origin, after the antibiotics treatment indeed.

The results of this study show that GOOD FOOD starters can be recommended both as a healthy diet and as a product for the prevention and treatment of the intestinal disorders and normalization of the microflora composition.

Why is Symbiotic more effective than probiotics in capsules?

  • More probiotics. Symbiotic includes 11 types of probiotics of the highest European quality. Pharmaceutical probiotics contain from 2 to 7 species of bacteria.
  • More bacteria. The bacterial composition in 1 teaspoon of the ready-made yogurt is equal to the composition of bacteria in 1 capsule of probiotics. The benefit of taking 200 ml of the yoghurt is equal to taking 200 probiotic capsules.
  • Live active bacteria instead of “sleeping" ones. Microorganisms in the capsules are in suspended animation or deep sleep. They are at the peak of their activity and vitality in the yoghurt culture.
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