How to make cottage cheese at home

How to make cottage cheese in the pot

1. Heat 1-3 liters of milk to 35-42ºC.

If you are using homemade or unpasteurized milk, boil it and cool to the required temperature.

2. Pour the Cottage Cheese starter culture into the milk and stir.

It is advisable to pour boiling water over the spoon and utensils for cooking.

3. Wrap the dishes with milk in a blanket. This will help keep you warm.

Leave it on for 8-12 hours.

4. As a result you will get the curled milk. Warm it om a low heat for 4-60 minutes, don’t let the boiling.

Cool the mixture and strain through cheesecloth.
It is better to hang the cheesecloth to let the whey flow down from the curd.

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