How to make fermented baked milk at home

Make fermented baked milk

1. Heat 1-3 liters of melted milk to t +38-42°C.

Milk should be warmer than body temperature, but not hot.

2. Pour the starter culture into the milk and stir with a spoon.

It is advisable to pour boiling water over the spoon and utensils.

3. Wrap the dishes with milk in a blanket.

This will help keep you warm. Or use a multiooker, yogurt maker according to the instructions. Leave it on for 8-12 hours.

4. Check the doneness. 

Make sure that the fermented baked milk got thick. If not, leave it for another 2-3 hours.

Put the thickened fermented baked milk in the refrigerator to ripen for 3-4 hours. Keep it in the fridge not more than 5 days.

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