How to make kefir at home

Kefir preparation

1. Heat 1-3 liters of the milk to the room temperature (t +22-30°C).

If you are using homemade or pasteurized milk, boil it and cool it down to the specified temperature. Unlike yogurt, kefir incubates at room temperature.

2. Pour the yoghurt culture into the milk and stir with a spoon.

It is advisable to pour boiling water over a spoon and dishes.

3. Leave it at the room temperature (t +22-30°C) for 20-24 hours.

If it’s cold outside, leave the pot close to the radiator.

4. Check the doneness. Homemade kefir is ready!

Make sure that the kefir got thick. If not, leave it for another 2-3 hours. Put the thickened sour cream in the refrigerator to ripen for 3-4 hours. Keep it in the fridge not more than 5 days.

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