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Probiotics trending now

A person’s body contains millions of live bacteria. Many of these are located in the gut. Gut bacteria make up a person’s microbiome. Probiotics help to maintain the balance between friendly and bad bacteria.

Consumers become aware about their digestive health and learning more about the connection between microbiome health and digestive system.

Probiotics have proven strong benefits related to health – the role of probiotics in microbiome health is becoming more and more obvious to consumers. Probiotics have improved nutritional value.

Consumers choose natural homemade food. Fortune Business Insights says that the probiotics market was valued at USD 42.55 Billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 74.69 Billion by 2025.

About starter cultures

What is probiotic starter culture for homemade dairy product?

The starter culture is a powder that contains perfect combination of friendly bacteria and is used to make natural yogurt.

It’s a unique product of functional food that combines functional properties of nutrition and medication.

1g packet = from 1 to 3 liters of a dairy product with probiotics.

It’s easy to use: warm the milk, pour the starter, wait for 8 hours. Yogurt is ready.

Good Food developed unique combinations of the probiotic complex

We propose the optimal range of products that covers all necessities for healthy nutrition.

  • Kefir helps the digestion and minerals absorption
  • Yogurt normalizes intestinal motility
  • Fitness Yogurt speeds up the metabolism
  • BifiKid maintains needed microflora during pregnancy and lactation
  • Symbiotic restores the intestinal quickly and naturally
  • Yogurt vit D contains vit D3 that is easily аdsorbing with the help of bacteria
  • Immunalis – the best option to improve and maintain immunity.

The quality of the product

Good Food probiotic cultures are grown in Italy — on Sardinia island, one of the most pictorial and environmentally friendly place in Europe, at the Biochem Center of the Development of Microbiology and Biochemistry.

  • The product is certified with ISO, HACCP.
  • Biochem center produces probiotics since 1978.
  • All strains have passports of origins.

2 clinical researches on the beneficial properties of Good Food starters for children and adults were taken. As a result Good Food starters are recommended as an effective alternative for pharm antibiotics for children and adults.

Eurofins Scientific Laboratories confirms product, production and logistic of and compliance with European standard of quality and safety.


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Good Food ows 50% of the Ukrainian Market of bacterial starters for homemade dairy products. The company is a leader for the latest 10 years. Good Food has active marketing position, the highest quality of the product, optimal product range and flexible price policy.

Good Food provides

  • a plan to start the business in your city.
  • the educational materials about the products
  • the advertising and promo-materials, POS-materials (boxes, stickers, bags)
  • a website about our products and its description.

We are always open to cooperation. Please contact us for more detailed information.

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